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XX, Will Travel: A Podcast for Independent Women Travelers

Nov 2017

Traveling in Baja California, Mexico with Jen Kramer of Baja Test Kitchen & Moon Travel Guides

November 8, 2017

Jennifer Kramer is one of the founders of Baja Test Kitchen, as well the author of the Moon Baja Travel Guide. In this episode, Jen shares her favorite spots to eat, drink and soak up the Mexican culture, with a special emphasis on Valle de Guadalupe. Over the last several years, Valle de Guadalupe has exploded in terms of amazing wines and creative culinary offerings. Jen also gives us the scoop on the women winemakers who are taking Valle de Guadalupe by storm. Also discussed: how to pick the food and wine tour that's right for you, winetasting etiquette 101, and the truth about all those state department issued travel warnings for Mexico. Mexico's Baja California region is an easy day trip from San Diego, but you'll definitely need more than one day to eat and drink your way through all the deliciousness.

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