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XX, Will Travel: A Podcast for Independent Women Travelers

Oct 2017

Oneika the Traveller, Travel Journalist and Travel Channel Host

October 11, 2017

Oneika Raymond has traveled to 100+ countries and has documented everything along the way on her wildly successful blog, Oneika the Traveller. In this episode, Oneika shares the details of her journey as a blogger as well as what’s next, including her new Travel Channel Show, Big City, Little Budget. We examine social media’s increasing role in the blogosphere, our feelings on why Instagram might not be so insta-great (do we really need more pics of boho girls in floppy hats looking out over exotic locales?), and why maybe it’s better just not to care. As strong advocates of travel for everyone, we also discuss the significance of travel for women and people of color and why it’s so important.

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